Welcome to Eye Media, NZs biggest little billboard company.


Eye Media is run by two of NZs most experienced and successful billboard professionals one known for developing sites and the other for Nationwide Sales. What a team!


Eye Media is bringing the fun and excitement back into the billboard industry with some of the lowest printing and installation prices in the land. This means as a buyer of billboards, you can buy more billboards, more often, for less.


With less $ invested in printing and installation by a buyer, that means better ROI for the client and more for Media spends. As a landlord your site will get booked by more direct clients, more often.



“I was approached by Suno, to rent my dilapidated old billboard site which another billboard provider dropped as they deemed it “uneconomic”.

Within 2 weeks the old billboard skin (which the last operator left up) was removed, the frame was repaired and a new light was installed. Within a month a paying client was up on the billboard.. This initiative shown from Suno has increased my building value, increased revenue and overall makes my property more desirable.”

Thanks EYE.